The Triton species has developed an interesting peculiarity in some of its individuals. After the body decays because of old age (around four hundred years in a random healthy individual), an organ located in the back of the Triton takes over the main functional parts of the brain, preserving motor capabilities and the memory, and then it de-attaches from the spine. This organ is serpentine in aspect, and is capable of attaching to any anthropoid body of similar nervous functions.

This possibilitated few individuals to share their bodies with others, in a controlled symbiotic relation. From this relation, the organ allows the change of forms, from the host to a Triton form. This possibility tends to replicate the external skeleton on the anthropoid host. With the mutuality and reciprocity of the two organisms it’s possible to complete a full Orichalcum conch on the back, totally functional (that allows its bearer to regulate weather and temperature through water on liquid or gaseous state).

From what is known, few were able of creating such conches, and when they did, they lost one of these consciences. Asclepius, a Triton from the Century 25 b.I, still lives today in search of a “healthier” way to guarantee such power to his species (and evidently to any other which can access a Triton form). Changing bodies and living completely different lives, the wide plurality of technical, medical, magickal knowledge, as well as possessing scientific and genetic methods with prowess collected through time allowed this Triton into crafting a Caduceus, which represents a great step on his quest.

His plans and intentions are obscure, but he serves as sort of a mentor to the youg Triton of which he refers as “Apkallu”.

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