Character: Valtheran

Character: Valtheran

Valtheran has served the State of Palarokhiel (part of the UTSST) in the war against the nations allied to the UNA, specially the States of Capington, which happened in the second half of the 20th century.

In distant lands, Valtheran had an important role on the Topakar intervention over the nations of Chichihuacuauhco and Patemalinalli, south from Tahuantinsuyu. Both nations had rebel groups struggling against its provincial government coopted by the UTSST and were eventually annexed into the State of Tahuantinsuyu in the 80’s decade.

For Valtheran, the war has costed his soul. In an accident against the enemy army, he lost part of his body, being after rescued by his troop. Valtheran would apparently die, if it wasn’t the covenant he did with an entity secretly held by the State of Palarokhiel, which has granted him not only life, but also powers over many chemical elements, in exchange of his own liberty.

In the end, the fate of Valtheran hasn’t been so different from his “brothers in arms”: he exchanged liberty for power.

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