Apkallu Introduction (Part 2)

Apkallu Introduction (Part 2)

An economic crisis hits the country of Minoica, and popular dissatisfaction makes room for insurrections. Plannings and works of lifetimes vanish in a system full of debt and bureaucracies. Some portions of the population rush to secure their possessions. In this scenario includes Gustávos, young student of the secondary education. In a climate of anxiety and uncertainty, he travels to Aoateroa, to start studies funded by parents. Aoateroa is a state much stronger economically, and with many cultural differences in relation with Minoica.

Aoateroa is home to the Haumia, Kahuka, Guate, Motutapu and Tulua tribes, all menaced by outer forces and held captive in reserves. The anxiety for political participation in defense of these tribes’ interest in freedom leads Gustávos to an unprepared and inconsequent activism. In the middle of UNA’s interests on keeping the natives captives, a series of opportunists with proposals that still menace the freedom of these tribes appropriate from the scene, instigating unnecessary conflicts – some of which Gustávos ends up participating.

To get away in safety, he makes a decision that involves powers he doesn’t know of. Powers those which are related to the time of the Apkallu.

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